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Business of Law eMag 2018 #1 Published

The first eMagazine in 2018 (#1) is now available in the Library. In this issue you'll find contributions from experts and thought leaders:

  • Driver or administrator? HR’s impact on law firm success and how to measure it, Markus Hartung and Emma Ziercke

  • Justice in the Digital Age, Jacqueline de Rojas

  • An Evolution from Cost Center to Business Unit: Corporate Legal Departments & Outside Law Firms, Mike Russell

  • Legal Marketing in Israel - Opportunities for international law firms in the Startup Nation, Ms. Tamar Sacerdoti

  • Freelance lawyering: it’s just labour arbitrage, right?, Katherine Thomas

  • Global Legal Hackathon, Yvonne Nath, interview with Aileen Schultz

  • The Status of LegalTech in Central Eastern Europe, Orsolya Szabó

  • To ICO or not to ICO: 10 Legal Considerations for Blockchain businesses, Mathilde Foucher

  • The future of legaltech is in Africa, Gibran Freitas

And een overview incl. short bio of the Lexpo '18 (keynote) speakers and panel members:

  • Meet the Speakers at Lexpo - Legal Innovation Event

You can read the eMagazine online:

or download the PDF version: LegalBusinessWorldPDF

You can find our eMagazine also in the Library

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