First LEGAL ®EVOLUTION Hosts Over 600 International Participants

Frankfurt am Main, 25. October 2017.

The LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017 came to a close last night with over 600 international participants in attendance. It was the largest conference and exposition for legal innovation in continental Europe – gathering 50 legal tech providers and 53 speakers from throughout Europe and the USA with attendees representing every field of law.

In kicking-off the conference, which was conducted nearly entirely in the English language, Dr. Jochen Brandhoff asserted that lawyers will only continue to be successful if they begin to learn from experts from other fields – computer scientists, IT-specialists, project managers, and others. The Hessian Minister of Culture and legal scholar, Professor Alexander Lorz then posed the decisive question: “Who will own the future of the law?” According to Professor Lorz, many software developers will soon enter the legal services industry through the side and back doors. Some of these will simply be in a better position to bring their products to those seeking access to legal services. Dr. Thomas Remmers, Vice-President of the German Federal Bar Association in charge of digitization, and Kalle Palling, the Chairman for the EU Affairs Committee and Parliamentarian of the digital role-model state, Estonia, rounded off the opening proceedings of the LEGAL ®EVOLUTION Expo & Congress 2017.

Among the 30 other presentations and panel discussions at LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017, The keynote was delivered by Thomas Metz, State Secretary for the Hessian Ministry of Justice, the General Counsel Panel which included Arne Wittig (thyssenkrupp AG), Steffen Sachse (Aareal Bank AG), Victoria Núñez Francisco (Commerz Real AG), Florian Schäfer (Leica Camera AG) and Dr. Thorsten Hennrich (PlusServer GmbH) as well as an evening reception at the elegant Kameha Suite which hosted over 300 guests.

R. Alexander Lorz, Jochen Brandhoff, Thomas Remmers, Kalle Palling (sitting)

The organizer, Dr. Jochen Brandhoff, founding partner of the Frankfurt-based law firm, Brandhoff Obermüller Partner gave it a positive assessment: “The last two days have given us all a clear vision of tomorrow’s legal professional. The very positive feedback we have received from the visitors, exhibitors, and speakers has shown us that the LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017 has made real headway toward the digitization of the legal market and the strengthening of Germany and Europe as markets for legal services. This is a great platform from which to launch an even larger and better LEGAL ®EVOLUTION Expo & Congress 2018!

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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