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LegalBusinessWorld™ and High Performance Counsel™ Media Group|HPC Legal Wire Announce Global Publish

The Hague - New York, NY (HPC Legal WIRE) – September 5, 2017

LEGAL BUSINESS WORLD™ is the first open international platform on the Business of Law and the Legal Profession, with exposure in 32 countries and over 56.000 readers. LegalBusinesssWorld is developed by the iGROWTHLEGAL MEDIA GROUP. By sharing knowledge and information on the Business of Law LEGAL BUSINESS WORLD is a growth enabler for professional and business success. With the corresponding eMagazines ‘LBW Business of Law’ and ‘LBW Global Practice’ LEGAL BUSINESS WORLD offers transparency in a changing market and informs legal professionals on the latest methods, techniques and solutions to grow their business and shares opinions of Thought Leaders in the Legal Market. Despite that Information on the Business of Law is not bound by borders, in contrast to in-depth legal information based on the state of law, there is still a need for domestic/local Business Information. By developing domestic spin-offs and/or partnerships with strong ‘domestic’ players, LEGAL BUSINESS WORLD is able to grow the business in local markets and share highly valued knowledge and information to drive changes in the local and international legal marketplace.

HIGH PERFORMANCE COUNSEL MEDIA GROUP (HPC), HPC Legal WIRE and LEGAL BUSINESS WORLD today announced a global publishing partnership covering the legal industry domestically and internationally. Highlights of the partnership include extended and enhanced opportunities for content sharing, client advertising, thought-leadership, and adoption of the HPC Legal WIRE as the industry standard for legal newswire releases. HIGH PERFORMANCE COUNSEL™ is a leading digital trade publication featuring the individuals, organizations and solutions creating the framework of the next decade in law and legal services delivery. Delivering high quality thought-leadership and commentary, it is published online and via eMagazine formats. It has seen a significant uptick in interest in both the technical and leadership issues raised by this sector evolution and keen readership support in the thought-leadership formats used to cover it. The #BakersDozen and #FearlessLaw interview series have proven very popular – bringing forward the leadership experience and perspective of senior figures in the sector. Introduced in 2017, the HPC Legal WIRE™ is uniquely positioned as the legal industry’s newswire – packaged and priced to be simple, convenient and affordable for all industry participants.

In coming together in a publishing partnership, the management teams recognized a timely opportunity to create a uniquely helpful, cross-industry, international platform for thought-leadership and marketing in the legal space. The digital focus of the organizations and the human interest generated by the content lends itself to powerful distribution opportunities. In addition, the relationship solidifies the position of HPC Legal WIRE as being the industry standard for legal news releases.

Joek Peters, Founder & CEO of Legal Business World and the iGrowthLegal Media Group: “We’re very proud to team up with an innovative company as HPC. By joining forces we’re able to expand the business and build an even better stronghold in the US and International Legal Market. Another great asset of this partnership is the European rollout of the powerful tool ‘HPC Legal WIRE’. The tool has a high added business value because it really helps clients to improve their communication to their target groups.”

David Kinnear, Founder & CEO of HIGH PERFORMANCE COUNSEL MEDIA GROUP notes: “We’re delighted by this collaboration, which creates an un-equaled publishing opportunity. We are positioned as the leading source of thought-leadership and industry guidance in the modern legal industry. The legal sector is changing – and the pace of change is accelerating. Together, we are ideally positioned to help organizations navigate this change and support client communication goals.

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