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What Makes the Elite New York City Legal Market So Different?

From time to time, as some of you know, Adam Smith, Esq. produces whitepapers and research reports which we selectively distribute to clients and readers who show special interest in the particular topic. Today we have just such a publication, What Makes the Elite New York City Legal Market So Different?

Bruce MacEwen & Janet Stanton: "We were motivated to research and write this analysis to try to answer the perhaps obvious question of why is it that non-indigenous firms--be they foreign or US-based--have such a damnably difficult time penetrating the top precincts of the New York City legal market? Our knowledge, experience, and perception all drive us to the conclusion that other cities--even London and Hong Kong, for example--can be challenging and difficult for non-indigenous firms to enter and can require years of sustained investment, but eventually those who otherwise have respectable credentials succeed. This happens so rarely in New York that the exceptions make news and become intense objects of study. In other words, our curiosity was piqued by "Why does this market behave so differently from every other seemingly comparable market across the globe?" For that, you have to read on. And thanks again for your interest!"

"We hope you find it of interest and, as always, we welcome your comments, feedback, and candid reaction", Bruce MacEwen & Janet Stanton

As is customary, the whitepaper is free, but Adam Smith, Esq. do ask you for the briefest of registrations before they'll send you off to the download page.

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