Must Hear: A 2-part Interview with George Beaton

For anyone still wondering whether Remaking Law Firms really is a “must read,” I expect that the following two podcasts on the Canadian website Building NewLaw might tip you toward a purchase. The podcasts feature a 2-part interview with co-author George Beaton, a leading authority on the business of law firms.

Remaking Law Firms (Part 1)

George Beaton Brings Hope to the Legal Industry (Part 2)

Among the observations Beaton makes are that, while law firms today are typically still successful, there are clear signs of coming change. Understanding that the business of law is changing, however, and actually doing something about it are two very different things. Reinventing business models is hard work and can take years. He emphasizes that most of the big changes in legal services have followed changing client needs. The conversation about business models is very clearly client‑centric.

Beaton touches on much more, including the trend of clients to become more self‑sufficient and the changing nature of law firm business development. The entire conversation is worth hearing.

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