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Law Firm and Model Agency

As LegalBusinessWorld editors we're always on the look out for innovative initiatives around the world. New Firms, New IT, New legal solutions and more. As the internet is a nice and obvious instrument in this global search we sometimes stumble upon curious and interesting initiatives. A nice example of such an initiative is the website of the German Law Firm 'Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Björn Klohs & Dr. Julia Klohs' in Lubeck. Before launching their website Björn and Julia probably read the latest publication on marketing for Legal Professionals, in which they learned that the first impressions must be distinctive and directional (or they are just huge fans of the world of 'haute couture'). One thing is sure, they definitely make a statement in being probably the

most classy lawyers in Lubeck (an old provincial town - 43 miles/70km above Hamburg).

Landing page of the Website

When Will Smith is busy you can count on the Klohs (M.I.B.)

The Klohs' Family

'Is that the new Hermes Birken next to Mrs. Klohs?'

You can count on Mrs. Klohs, everyone else was not interested during the shoot!


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