General Info

​Company Name: Legal Business World

Legal Name: Legal Business World Inc.

Organization: Online television network, endorsed by podcast radio and epublications (articles, emagazines, ebooks)

Primary activities: Sharing news, insights, and information about the legal industry and the business of law

Sub-brands: Legal Business World Publications, Legal Business World Radio

Founders|Management: Joek Peters (CEO) and Allard Winterink (COO)

Legal Business World, the first Online (OTT) Legal Broadcast network.

Legal Business World will share news and information via TV shows ) like Headline News, Business News, and Special Interest Programs dedicated to the legal market. The TV shows are endorsed by Podcast Radio and ePublications. Legal Business World ePublications already has +200K monthly visitors and shares over 850 articles, eMagazines, and eBooks on the business of law. The expected launch date for Legal Business World is Q2 2020.

(OTT: see Growth of Online Television)

Stand out by using the market as correspondents.

A new approach to acquiring news and information. Legal Business World will bring the best-curated selection of news content, but what really stands out, and is unique, is content created by and for the market itself. Everybody 'active' in the legal industry, can become a legal business world correspondent by using a correspondent app. The intuitive app will make sharing news and information much easier, and the automated process makes publishing easier. 

Multichannel availability, connecting via the most used channels

To maximize reach Legal Business World Television is shared via different channels/providers. News and Programs will be available via Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Apple app, Android app, Google ChromeCast, Amazone Fire TV, Smart TV, YouTube, and last but not least Online via LegalBusinessWorld.com

Deepen information to add more value to (news) stories

Legal Business World ePublications already has +200K monthly visitors and shares over 850 articles, eMagazines, and eBooks on the business of law. This in-depth information is complementary to online Legal TV. It offers knowledge through a wide variety of topics on the business of law, and it is a great platform to publish knowledge insights, behind the news

Founders have an excellent track record in the media industry

Joek Peters (Founder | CEO) and Allard Winterink (co-Founder | COO). 


They have over 50 years of combined international media experience - in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings. They know how to launch and grow successful (online) products, services, and organizations. Both held senior/C-level management  positions (RELX, Wolters Kluwer and Springer Nature), and are experienced entrepreneurs in the media industry. 


Still a student at the Erasmus Law School, Joek launched the first glossy legal magazine in the Netherlands, which was later bought by Wolters Kluwer and he build the first legal platform in Europe (LegalWeb 1996 - sold to GlobalXS). During the time Joek and Allard worked together at Wolters Kluwer, they had an important role in the successful online transformation of the legal, tax and regulatory business.



Editorial Board

The role of an editorial board is to advise on content and presentation. The editorial board consists of professionals who are active in the legal industry and represent the target group of viewers/users.


Board of Advisors

Internationally recognized thought leaders: Ari Kaplan (US), Patrick McKenna (CAN), Karen Suber (US), Markus Hartung (GER), Ron Friedmann (US), Gabe Teninbaum (US), Rudy Moenaert (B), Harry Trueheart (US).


(Allied Market Research)


(Allied Market Research)

Legal Business World

Deloitte 'The Future of TV' Legal Business World is positioned in quadrant 2 and 4

Growth of Online TV

Online TV or Over-the-top (OTT) Market Outlook - 2025

(Allied Market Research)


Many industries have gone or are going through a digital transformation process. Print, music, travel, retail are all industries that had a digital turning point and were thoroughly reshaped by

the internet. It looks like OTT TV is the digital turning point for the TV industry. It affects business models and success factors along all the steps of the value chain of the TV industry from content creation to distribution. All the players in the TV industry therefore need to determine their strategy to deal with this transformation. Speed and agility in reshaping the strategy will be key success factors because the pace of the transformation is picking up.

Over-the-top services refer to TV that is delivered directly to digital users and it does not require cable or satellite television subscription. OTT content can be directly downloaded and viewed on user’s demand. This type of content includes movies and TV services and is delivered directly over the Internet to connected devices such as PC, tablet, smartphone, and console. Presently, over-the-top services are at a relatively nascent stage and are widely accepted as a trending technology across the globe. The over-the-top market is projected to witness innovative and advance transformation, which enable the customers to access what they want.


The global OTT market size was valued at $97.43 billion in 2017, and is projected to reach $332.52 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 16.7% from 2018 to 2025.

Deloitte 'The Future of TV'  2019

Deloitte 'The Future of TV'  2019