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Thought Leaders, Experts, Industry Specialists, and Legal Connoisseur share their knowledge, expertise and opinions on the Business of Law, Legal Delivery, and the development of the Legal Profession. From different perspectives legal business area's are covered (e.g. Leadership, Strategy, Innovation, Business Development, LegalTech, Education and more).

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Legal Business World Publications

Read online issues of the popular magazine on the "Business of Law", and specials such as the Future Lawyer, World Legal Summit, and Global Legal Hackathon. All eMagazines are 'direct accessible' to read online (integrated eZine software). For downloadable copies go to the download library.


Legal Business World Publications

eMagazines, eBooks, 3rd party eMagazines, Reports and Survey's. All publications are free to download for our subscribers*. Not a subscriber yet, go to Legal Business World subscriptions and register for free.

* as of 2020 only subscribers can download publications

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Legal Business World Publications

From "Inspiring" Bestsellers and 'Must Read" practical publications to Survey's and Market Reports. These eBooks are available in the eBook Library. All eBooks in this library are 'direct accessible' to read online (integrated ebook software). For downloadable copies go to the download library.

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Legal Business World Podcast Radio

Choose one of the podcast channels and listen to 'Legal Luminaries', legal product or service experts, innovators, and peers. Learn from them, inform yourself and stay up to date on the latest market insights.

(After launching Legal Business World Television, all TV shows will also be available as podcast)

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