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Part 4: Legal tech

This week we’re going to round out this four-part series on how the current crisis serves as a tipping point for the Global Legal Industry by looking at LegalTech...

Part 3: The Institutions

This week I want to explore what is happening with the current crisis and its implication for Institutions, what is worth considering and how it carves a pa...

Part 2: The Regulators

This week I wanted to continue sharing my thoughts on what is happening with the current crisis, what I feel is worth considering in these circumstances and h...

Part 1- The Market

I’ve been talking to lawyers and change makers around the world who do wonderful things in different capacities. I wanted to share my thoughts on what is happenin...

Why we need to shift our perspective on change as we transition into the Future of Law

The legal industry is going through a significant period of change. It is no longer a question...

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